How can an arriving alien be removed? 

An arriving alien can be removed if 1) didn’t possess lawful entry documents or 2) committed misrepresentation or false claim to US citizenship upon attempted entry.  If you are being removed .    There are few options for relief  however,  we can be able to help you with a relief .  Call the law offices of Sheena Rude for a free consultation.  Free Consultation   818-658-3700

Can a green card holder be removed?

Yes a green card holder can be removed if they committed marriage fraud, got married less than two years before getting a US green card on that basis.  The marriage was annulled or if the green card holder is convicted of a crime involving moral turpitude that was committed within five years after the date of US admission.   Also If the green card holder who has been convicted of two or more crimes involving moral turpitude at any time after US admission can be removed.

Are there any relief for cancellation of removal for a green card holders?

Yes , there are few reliefs based on your status.  We at the offices of Sheena Rude can help you with your removal process and fight your fight.   Call us for a Free consultation at 818-658-3700.

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