Child Custody Attorney Walnut Creek

Child Custody Attorney Walnut Creek

Regardless of how amicably you and your spouse part ways, hiring a child custody attorney in Walnut Creek is crucial to ensure that the divorce agreements are in the best interests of you and your children. Mendes Weed, LLP, is a local, personal, and reliable family law attorney firm with several positive reviews and the highest rating on Google. Here's when you require a child custody attorney's assistance:

  1. Your Spouse Has Legal Representation

You should hire a leading family lawyer if your ex-spouse hires an attorney for themselves. You should not lose custody of your child just because you had a better opponent. Child custody lawyers understand the laws surrounding child custody/placement in your state and possess the education, skill, and experience handling child custody cases. As experts with a thorough understanding of all the ins and outs of family law, they can increase your chances of winning the child custody/placement battle against your spouse. Child custody law firms will gather evidence, prepare the paperwork, and argue your case professionally on your behalf, saving time, money, and effort in the process.  

  1. Your Children Are In Danger

If your ex-spouse's living arrangement, relationships, or environment put your children at risk, you must consult an experienced child custody attorney near you. A child custody and visitation lawyer can help determine the best course of action and change the current custody arrangement. You may also seek emergency relief from court with the help of an experienced custody lawyer and protect your children from a dangerous situation or an unsafe living arrangement.

  1. Your Case Has Special Circumstances

Family law litigations are often nasty, bitter, and complex legal battles, especially when young children are involved. Every child's circumstances can be different, and some may require special care. For instance, if you have a disabled child requiring special living arrangements or extra support, you can hire one of our astute joint custody lawyers to expedite the process. They can protect your child's rights and place them in the best living situation with the required resources and support. A lawyer is also necessary if your child experiences severe emotional issues in their current living arrangement.

  1. Your Child Custody/Placement Case Complicates 

Most parents begin a child custody battle on a good note, and over time they can no longer agree on matters relating to the child's upbringing. It is not uncommon for things and people to change with time, complicating matters along the way. For instance, if your ex-spouse chooses to remarry, relocate to a different location with your kids, or is no longer paying child support, you should hire a lawyer. Working with one of the child custody and parenting time law firms can help you receive expert advice and guidance on how you can proceed in your child custody litigation.

Call 925-390-3222 to schedule an appointment with our child custody attorney in Walnut Creek, Christina Weed. Christina at Mendes Weed, LLP can help you understand your rights as a parent and make the best decision for your children. Christina has a reputation for creating stability in divorce proceedings and making the process smooth and seamless. Get in touch with us today.

Child Custody Attorney Walnut Creek
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Child Custody Attorney Walnut Creek
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Child Custody Attorney Walnut Creek
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