Divorce In Ontario

Divorce In Ontario

If you've decided to get a divorce, you and your partner might decide to try mediation for divorce in Ontario. This may prove beneficial if you and your spouse are willing to listen to each other and communicate all the concerns and needs you might both have. Mediation brings control of the divorce and separation process.

We at Positive Solutions serve all of Ontario and provide effective mediation to divorcing spouses. Our mediators have helped many couples achieve swift and reasonable results and can guide you and your partner too. Mediation makes the divorce process more affordable and less harrowing.

The Divorce Process in Ontario

If you’re wondering, ‘how can I get a divorce in Ontario?’ It’s crucial to first understand the family law in Ontario. To file for a divorce application, you’ll have to go through the Ontario Superior Court of Justice. In addition, to answer the question, ‘how do I apply for a divorce by myself?’ You can initiate the divorce process by filing an application online. To use this method, you and your partner will have to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Be married in Canada.
  • Cover the entire cost of the application without a waiver.
  • Be separated for at least a year.

The other option is to apply in person by going to the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.

While making those arrangements, you might be asking yourself, ‘how much does it cost to get a divorce in Ontario? Mediation can considerably reduce the legal fees for divorce, and here’s a closer look at why you should seek our mediation services.

How we Help to Make the Divorce Process Extremely Easy

When you come to us for mediation, our process will start and end with what's important to you and your family. Through the years, we have learned that what most partners desire is a chance to work out a settlement they can live with. That is why we encourage communication between the soon to be ex-spouses to explore their respective interests and requirements in order to establish the best-shared agreement. This is an opportunity for fresh beginnings without the frustration and tension that comes with litigation.

If there are children involved, a litigated approach can escalate stress and conflict, negatively impacting your kid's emotional and psychological health. This is especially the case in a high conflict custody battle. Our mediation services remove the adversarial and tense atmosphere while improving you and your partner's cooperation and communication skills. We will emphasize the importance of making your children a priority while working towards meeting the needs of your entire family and protecting your kids.

Dedicated to Making Your Divorce Process Easy

If you rely on our mediation services, you and your partner will sit down with each other and our experienced, neutral mediator. We will help you to come to a resolution that suits your objectives and needs while resolving your divorce in Ontario in a non-confrontational and productive manner. Contact Positive Solutions for the best online mediation services for separating couples in Ontario: (888) 779-8777.

Divorce In Ontario
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Divorce In Ontario
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Divorce In Ontario
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