Health Insurance Port Moody

Health Insurance Port Moody

Everyone surely wants to live a healthy life, and we most times deliberately try to live healthily. However, there are sometimes unprecedented health issues that can spring up and hamper our material, financial and social goals. 

If you are single, fending for yourself, it can be tough to pay your health bills and take care of yourself too. Also, if you have a family, you may be the breadwinner, and even if you are not, you become an unintentional burden. Medical emergencies cause different issues for parties involved, financially especially. 

The ever-escalating cost of medical treatment is alarming. And you do not want to be at the mercy of its humongous bills. Nor do you want your health to suffer the incapability of your finances.   

Thus, the honest way out of experiencing these sudden health-borne issues is getting health insurance. Purchase of health insurance provides you with coverage that ensures that you are well compensated for any medical expenses you may incur from the day you sign the agreement with your insurer.  

To further get you informed regarding health insurance and its benefits, we have prepared 5 core advantages of buying health insurance. They are as follows-

Your Finances Are Secured

As implied earlier on, medical care bills are on the rise at every point. Thus, the most vital benefit of buying health insurance is that it protects you financially. 

You never have to dig into your savings to unexpectedly settle a medical bill. Thus your financial targets like saving to buy a new house, get a new car, and the likes are met in peace. And it saves you from the embarrassment and rigor that going to get a loan could cause you. 

You Have A Myriad Of Options 

In contemporary times, insurance companies now provide a broader range of health insurance policies. Unlike past times when you only have access to regular health insurance packages. These days you find family plans, individual plans, employee plans and so on.

There are others like ULHP, group health insurance, personal accident plan, and so on. The variety of plans gives you as a person The liberty to choose what best suits your desires.  

Cashless Hospitalization 

This is one of the juiciest advantages of health insurance. Nowadays, insurance companies own their personal hospitals. And they have them erected in different places. Thus, should you be in a situation where you need medical care and hospitalization, you will be admitted straight into one of their hospital networks and have no need for cash hospitalization. 

You are not needed to go through procedures to get the insurance company to pay you to offset hospital bills. Or having to pay the bills first by yourself, then waiting for the insurance company to reimburse you.

No Claim Bonus (NCB) Access

In health insurance, there is something called NCB. Every year, health plans are expected to be renewed. And this is done by paying the premium for insurance. However, if throughout the year, you do not file any claim, you are entitled to get the No Claim Bonus (NCB).  

Availability of Add-Ons or Riders

When you buy health insurance policies you have access to add-ons. They not only boost policy premium, they also positively project plan overview. Even when you buy the most conventional health insurance policy, your health insurance has add-ons and is more advantageous.

Health insurance is very important and its benefits are uncountable. Thus you are strongly advised to buy one today. Are you a resident of Port Moody or you need to buy insurance in Port Moody, we at First Oak Financial are the best insurance company with the best insurance policies and rates you'll find around. Reach out to us today at

Health Insurance Port Moody
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Health Insurance Port Moody
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Health Insurance Port Moody
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