Probate Lawyer

Probate Lawyer

Are you currently searching for a qualified probate lawyer in the Kamloops area? Consider Lisa Denham Law Office for reliable service at an affordable price. If you’re concerned about the distribution of your estate after you’re gone, you can have peace of mind that your wishes are carried out precisely by calling Lisa Denham at 250-828-2846.

Probate Lawyer Services

Don’t put off something that is as important as planning for your family’s financial future. You may have thought that matters would take care of themselves in the event that something should happen to you unexpectedly, but the fact is that without a will in place, your estate will not only be held up in legal complexities for longer than you would wish, but they may not even be distributed in the way that you want them to. There are some extremely compelling reasons to hire a probate lawyer:


Ensure Proper Legal Procedure is Followed to the Letter


Hiring a probate lawyer is a guarantee that your estate planning will not be questioned after your death. The extensive training and experience Lisa Denham Law Office brings to the table will erase any doubt as to their qualifications to stand as your probate lawyer.


Hiring a Probate Lawyer is Cost Effective


Not only are the services of Lisa Denham Law Office affordable, you can consider them easily offset when you take into consideration the ability of a professional to minimize estate taxes and eliminate or reduce the amount of the your loved ones would potentially spent in probate court.


Professional Probate Litigation


In the event that your will is contested by a family member or loved one who feels they should have been included in the will, you can rest assured your probate lawyer will go to great lengths to reach a resolution in a timely manner, helping your family to avoid a lengthy process of difficulty.


Location of Assets at the Time of Death


It’s not as easy as you may think to locate all of the assets and possessions of the deceased. Your probate lawyer has extensive experience in not only locating assets but in securing them for the estate. This is one reason why hiring a probate lawyer is considered to be money well-spent. Once located, the probate lawyer is also qualified to obtain values and appraisals for said assets to ensure proper distribution.


Professional Assistance for the Executor


More often than not, the executor of a will was handed the job without full knowledge of what is entailed. The fact is that it is an enormous job handling the details of the will. With a probate lawyer on hand, the executor can better manage the job they've been given.


Call the Law Office of Lisa Denham at 250-828-2846 with any questions you may have about probate or schedule a meeting to learn more about how hiring a probate lawyer can benefit you and your loved ones. For more information, visit the Lawyer Services page on

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Probate Lawyer
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