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real estate attorneys Albuquerque

real estate attorneys Albuquerque

Real Estate Attorney FAQ

Real estate lawyers in Albuquerque, N.M. are available to help you resolve real estate disputes and to assist with the purchase or sale of a property.

Do I Need a Real Estate Attorney when I Sell My Home?

Selling your home is a complex process and you need to make sure that the terms of the agreement are fair. Your real estate attorney will draft a sales contract that is in your best interest. You will be assured that the sale will be completed properly and in a timely manner in accordance with your wishes. A contract can be extremely complex and it may contain some conditions that are unfavorable. It is best to seek guidance from qualified real estate attorneys in Albuquerque

How Can a Real Estate Attorney Help When I Purchase a Home?

Skilled real estate attorneys in Albuquerque will review the purchase agreement and advise you of any changes that you should make. Don’t agree to a contract unless you read and understand the terms completely. Your attorney knows what to look for and will make sure that the contract protects your rights.

What Can I Do If the Seller Didn’t Complete the Work Required?

Often, the homeowner is responsible for completing specific items as part of the sale contract. If the seller fails to perform accordingly, you have some options. Your attorney will work with you to determine your choices so you can decide how to proceed. When one party fails to live up to the contract, you can take steps to resolve the situation.

How Can I Handle a Breach of Contract?

An agreement to purchase or sell a home is a legal contract. Both parties must agree to the terms and then live up to them. If one party does not fulfill their part of the agreement, there are remedies that you can use to resolve the matter. The contract may include guidelines for what to do if one party breaches. Experienced real estate attorneys in Albuquerque are available to help you get a fair resolution.

What Should I Do If My Landlord Will Not Return My Deposit?

Landlords are required to refund your security deposit. The landlord must refund the deposit or provide a written itemization of any deductions within 30 days after the end of your lease. There are several reasons a landlord can retain your deposit, such as for unpaid rent or utilities, or for damages. If the landlord wrongfully kept your deposit, you can get help from real estate attorneys in Albuquerque to get the refund you deserve.

Whether you have a dispute regarding real estate or are planning to buy or sell a home, our skilled legal team is here to help.  At Higgins Law, we provide the support you can trust when you need it the most. We are one of the leading real estate law firms in New Mexico. Contact Higgins Law at (505) 944-5400 or online at Higgins Law Corporation | Law Firm Albuquerque New Mexico ( to request a free consultation.

real estate attorneys Albuquerque
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real estate attorneys Albuquerque
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real estate attorneys Albuquerque
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