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DACA recipients can change status

To All DACA recipient’s! You might be eligible for additional immigration benefits other than DACA that could lead to lawful permanent residency. Please consult with an immigration lawyer who can identify your options. We at the offices of Sheena Rude , Esq! can identify your unique and specific circumstances and explore all options through a series of questions to elicit potential eligibility . Contact my office at 818-658-3700 for a free consultation....

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TPS recipient might be eligible for Green Card

To all TPS ( Temporary Protected Status) recipients ! You might be eligible to get your Green card (adjust to Lawful Permanent Resident Status if you have the following: 1) entered the United States WITHOUT inspection prior to receipt of TPS, 2) currently be in valid TPS status and 3) who are “ immediate relatives “ of US citizens, ie, children and spouses of US citizens and the parents of US citizens who are 21 or older . Please call the Law Offices of Sheena Rude at 818-658-3700 for a FREE CONSULTATION....

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Electronic Devices at the Border

CBP could check your Electronic devices and social media - Please READ AND SHARE ! Immigration section of LA county bar association and the AILA , Southern California chapter met with Customs and Border Protection (CBP ) on September 20, 2017. There were many points discussed. Here is one that might be of an interest to arriving aliens in regards to social media accounts. Q: Do CBP officers review arriving aliens social media accounts even if the alien withholds sharing of the password? CBP Response: As discussed in prior liaison meetings, CBP officers may examine electronic devices and may review/analyze the information encountered...

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